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Home Videos Bollywood Events and Parties Katrina Kaif & Aamir Khan's Crackling Chemistry Promotion Event - Dhoom 3
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Aamir Khan and Katrina Kaif launched a broad array of licensed merchandise from a number of leading manufacturers at Yash Raj Film studio as a part of 'Dhoom 3' promotions. It included the lead pair's toy avatar, Sahir - the clown thief and Aaliya- the acrobat diva. There was a necktie on prominent display and when Katrina was asked who would be that one person, she would love gift the tie?She nonchalantly replied, "Oh! Yes! This reminds me of only one person whom I have never seen in a suit and a tie. He is none other than Aamir Khan.
Salman Khan's upcoming kick's shooting got delayed again.
Sonakshi Sinha said in an interview that she is excited to see Saif Ali Khan in a rustic look in Bullett Raja after Omkara.
Farah Khan showers compliments over her favorite actress Deepika Padukone on her recent success. -- Published on November 28, 2013

Katrina Kaif & Aamir Khan's Crackling Chemistry Promotion Event - Dhoom 3

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