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Home Videos Bollywood Behind the Scenes Shahid Kapoor Introduces Team Haider - On The Sets Of Bismil
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Eager to know what happened on the sets of Haider? Well here's Shahid Kapoor who took the plunge in introducing his crew to the world. Vishal Bhardwaj's adaptation of William Shakespeare's 'Hamlet', Haider - a young man returns home to Kashmir on receiving news of his father's disappearance. Not only does he learn that security forces have detained his father for harboring militants, but that his mother is in a relationship with his very own uncle. Intense drama follows between mother and son as both struggle to come to terms with news of his father's death. Soon Haider learns that his uncle is responsible for the gruesome murder, what follows is his journey to avenge his father's death. -- Published on September 12, 2014

Shahid Kapoor Introduces Team Haider - On The Sets Of Bismil

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