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Prem (Salman Khan) is the heir to the company 'Frangnance' perfumes owned by the Bhandari Brother's. Gautam, Rishi and Rajveer. The eldest, Gautam has no issue. Rishi has married of his only daughter and Prem is Rajveer's only son....thus the only heir to the company.... Prem still a bachelor wants to enjoy life before getting married and this is not approved by his father....it's Gautam and Rishi....who side Prem and treat Prem as their son. Sanjana (Asin) an orphan lands in India to be with her mamas....Narendra and Tulsi who both are greedy and want to gulp down their niece's property, which Sanjana had inherited. Prem who falls for Sanjana decides to teach her mamas a lesson. Both the mamas who are sworn enemies want Sanjana to get married to their respective brother in laws, so that they can get Sanjana's property....but Prem makes a fool of them by getting friendly with them and then bringing his full family posing them as billionaires, and traps them getting the mama's brother in laws marring his house maids. For the sake of his son's love Rajveer too poses as a bank manager and threatening the mamas that the day Sanjana's parent died, her parent's owed the bank, billions of dollars....either they sell their property or disown the girl. To get rid of Sanjana they trap Prem....so that once he marries Sanjana....its Prem who has to clear off the debts....but on the day of the marriage Prem's game gets exposed and both the mamas brother in laws now want revenge....

In Theaters: June 3rd, 2011

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