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Home Photos Tollywood 'Toofan' (Telugu version of Zanjeer Remake) First Look and Trailer Launch in Hyderabad #14 of 121

First look of actor Ram Charan's upcoming release Toofan (Zanjeer Remake) has been released today in a grand function organized at Hyderabad. Toofan is the Telugu version of the actor's Hindi debut movie Zanjeer (Remake).

A theatrical trailer and a song trailer were released in the function. They have already got good reception among the audience. Trailer of the Hindi version would be launched on March 29 according to the producers of the film.

Chiranjeevi was the guest for the function along with the cast and crew of the film. He praised the entire unit for their efforts and wished them all the best. A release date for the film has not yet been decided.Updated March 27, 2013

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