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Home Photos Tollywood Sushanth Celebrates his Birthday with Family Members and Media #8 of 45

Susanth , who has made his debut as Akkineni Nageswararao's grandson and the nephew of Nagarjuna with 'Kalidasu', has bagged a good name with the movie 'Current'. Currently, he is acting in a movie titled 'Adda', directed by G.S.Karthik. Sushanth's mother Naga Sushila and Chinthalapudi Srinivasa Rao are jointly producing this movie. Anoop Rubens is composing the music for this film.

Sushanth is celebrating his birthday today and the 'Adda' unit has made the celebrations grandly. ANR, Nagarjuna, Naga Sushila, Sushanth, Chintalapudi Srinivasa Rao, G.S. Karthik etc have attended the celebrations.

ANR said, "Sushanth will always have my blessings. He has the talent to bag fame as a good actor, not only as my grandson. I had been in the shooting of 'Prema Kanuka', when he was born in America. I had distributed sweets to all in the sets then, in celebration of the birth of my grandson. Our family has no habit of scoring good hits at the start of career and failing then after. I wish wholeheartedly that 'Adda' becomes a hit and Sushanth bags a good name".

Nagarjuna said, "First of all I wish Sushanth a very happy birthday. He seems to have improved a lot in this movie regarding acting, compared to his previous movies. I hope Sushanth will prove himself with this movie".

G.S.Karthik said, "I am making this movie, with the intention of giving Sushanth a big hit. He has improved a lot, not only regarding acting, but also in dancing and fights. This is not a love story. This movie has all the elements that attract youth in-addition to good sentiment".

Naga Sushila said, "My mother Annapurnamma had not taught us to bless specially on birthdays.Because, she always used to wish our bliss wholeheartedly. I also wish the same to my son. The movie has almost completed and the output is very good. We are confident of the success of the movie".

Sushanth said, "The main reason for the start of this movie is Chintalapudi Srinivasarao. Adda is a good youthful entertainer. I have been waiting for a big hit from so many years and I hope I will get it with this movie. The music of Anoop Rubens is an asset to this movie. I think that I have acted well in this movie compared to my previous movies. I thank all the technicians who have worked for this movie".

Chintalapudi Srinivasarao, who is one of the producers of this movie, is also confident of a hit.Updated March 20, 2013

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