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Home Photos Tollywood 'Mandodari' Movie Audio Release Function - Vijayendra Tandon, Samatha #5 of 49

Audio and trailers of ‘Mandodari’ were released on Wednesday, June 6, 2013 in Hyderabad. While Srihari released the first audio CD, Relangi Narasimha Rao received it. Kanna Lakshmi Narayana Rao released the trailer. ‘Mandodari’ is directed by Santhan and produced by Pidugu Subbarao.

Chinni Charan, R Narayana Murthy, writer Bheemesh, director Santhan and producer Pidugu Subbarao also attended the event along with other unit members.

Srihari said, “I’m impressed with the banner ‘Telugu Vaari Cinema’. I like Ravana more than Rama. The title of this film is the name of Ravana’s wife Mandodari. I wish the audio and the film to become a big hit.”

Relangi Narasimha Rao wished for the success of the audio and film and appreciated them.

R Narayana Murthy said, “Big releases are eating away the small films. A change is required at this juncture. The situation today is like make a movie and think about its release. According to me the entire film industry should take this problem to the Chief Minister. Pidugu Subbarao is a kind hearted producer who provides bread for the poor.”

Chinni Charan said, “I’m confident that the songs will become a big hit. Story is also impressive. I made the Telugu singers sing all songs in this film.”

Producer Pidugu Subba Rao said, “U V Satyanarayana Raju admitted me in Karpagam Studio on December 12, 1984. It’s very difficult to make films with new artists. I’m planning to make a film with the title ‘Aapadbhandavudu’ if Srihari agrees for it.”

Santhan said, “The entire team have worked with complete cooperation. Chinni Charan provided wonderful music. There is no connection between Mandodari in ‘Ramayanam’ and our film.”

Writer Bheemesh said, “I worked as a ghost and assistant in the industry for six years. ‘Mandodari’ is a complete romantic entertainer. It’s a suspense based movie.”

Cast: Vijayendra Tandon, Samatha, Dinesh, Sripaul, Sashank, Chandrakanth, Venu Gopal, Junior Relangi, Venkat Godava, Venkat Ramana, Kedar Shankar, Perini Raviteja, karthik Das, Yedla Suresh, Master Teja, Keerthi, Sravani, etc.

Executive Producer: Dhruv Kumar Tandon, B V Rama Rao
Music: Chinni Charan
Camera: Venkatraju D
Editing: M Lakshmi Narayana
Story & Dialogues: Chennoju Bheemeshwara Chari
Screenplay: M Santosh
Dances:L R.K.
Fights: Dragon Prakash, Venkat
Art: GovinduUpdated June 6, 2013

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