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Home Photos Tollywood 'Mallela Theeramlo Sirimallepuvvu' Movie Press Meet - Sri Divya, Kranti #6 of 140

Kranti and Sri Divya starrer 'Mallela Teeramlo Sirimalle Puvvu' which is directed by G V Ramaraju and produced by G Uma Devi on Godavari Cinema banner is ready for release on June 14th. Jekkam Jawahar Babu is the presenter. In a press meet held at Hyderabad, director G V Ramaraju said, "The entire beauty in the world lies in our heart. Those who search for it with true heart will find the beauty in the heart. The story of 'Mallela Theeramlo Sirimalle Puvvu' has been carved with gentle elements. The movie appears like a diary. The story is about the love blossom in a girl's life. Sri Divya gave a wonderful performance. The movie will definitely become successful for her. Songs are getting very good response. We are releasing the film on June 14th. We are releasing the film at overseas too. We are confident that the audience will like the film."

Hero Kranti said, "This movie has a good concept. Audio too got very good response. The movie will become a big commercial success if it gets well connected to the audience."

Sri Divya said, "I consider this movie as a library. As a girl, I'm very proud to be a part of this story. Audio is a big hit. I hope to get good recognition."Updated June 4, 2013

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