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Home Photos Tollywood 'Barister Shankar Narayan' Movie Logo (Poster) Launch #28 of 57

'Barister Shankar Narayanan' starring Raj Kumar in title role and Divya Prabhas as heroine is directed by senior choreographer N A Tara on Nandavaram Sri Chowdeshwar Devi Pictures banner. Rama Rajkumar is the producer. The logo of this film was released on Monday at Prasad Labs in Hyderabad. Film Chamber president Tammareddy Bharadwaja and director Teja released the title logo.

Tammareddy Bharadwaja said, "I introduced Raj Kumar as solo hero through my film 'Nagajyothy'. I'm very glad to see Tara making her directorial debut with this film."

Teja said, "Raj Kumar reminds me of Chiranjeevi garu. I wish him all the best for this film with which he's coming as hero after a very long time."

Tara said, "I'm impressed with Raj Kumar's energy, acting skills and dancing talent. Henceforth I'm planning to continue to do films as choreographer and director also."

Raj Kumar said, "I entered the film industry with Dasari's 'Amma Raajinama' and turned as solo hero through Bhadradwaja's 'Nagajyothy'. However it was TV serials which gave me life as an artist. So once again I'm going to appear on big screen with an aptly suitable script. Title is also apt for the story. The film is on comedy backdrop. We are going to release the audio during this month end and the film in July end."

Cast: Raj Kumar, Alia Trivedi, Lakshmi, M S Narayana, AVS, Hema, Apoorva, Kishore Das, Ananth, Maharshi, etc.
Dialogues: Sri Venkat Madabhushi
Songs: Bhuvanachandra
Music: Saketh
Camera: S V Siva Reddy
Editing: Gautham RajuUpdated June 4, 2013

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