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Home Photos Bollywood Siddharth Kasyap's 'The Magic Flute' Album Launch #4 of 33

Press Release (Mumbai): Siddharth Kasyap of Rock On Hindustan fame has come up with yet another melodious album -- The Magic Flute -- this time in collaboration with Grammy-nominated flautist Rono Majumdar and music arranger-producer Atul Raninga.

"It showcases varied melodies rendered on flute including orchestral, hip-hop, spiritual, lounge and even trance blending into modern musical arrangements, all the while retaining the essence of Indian folk and classical music," says Siddharth.

Suresh Thomas of Crescendo Music says this is the first time that an instrumental album has been created with structured melodies, as Ronu adds, "The album successfully creates a new feel with every change of track."

Atul further states, "The musical setup takes the album beyond the limits of imagination."Updated September 14, 2013

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