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Home Photos Bollywood Hira Manek Women Achiever's Awards 2013 Event #3 of 31

Hardik Hundiya and Sunita Hundiya planned the 4th Hira Manek Awards to honour women from all walks of life.

Mubarak Begum was awarded lifetime achievement award in the field of music with a cheque of Rs 51,000.

Maryam Zakaria, Chandi Perera, Ekta Jain, Hrishita Bhatt, RJ Rani Jha, Madhu Pal, Joyeta Mitra, Bharti Dubey, Manisha Kelkar, Jeevan Kala, Sharda Sinha, Dolly Bindra, Ritoo Jenjani, Sonu Kakkar, Urvashi Chaudhary, Nigar Shah, Gia Manek and many more came and received the award on occassion of Women's Day.

Dr Sameer Masuri who is blind doctor from Ahmedabad came specially to give the beauty kit to all the awardees.

Manoj Ninama DCP, Ahmedabad also came for the event.Updated March 15, 2013

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