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Home Movies Bollywood Vishwaroop Full Cast & Crew


CBFC Rating: U/A

Editors (Film Editing)

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Sanu John Varughese


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Pandit Birju Maharaj

Casting By

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Valerie McCaffreyCasting Director @ USA

Production Design

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James R. CunninghamProduction Designer @ USA
Boontawee 'Tor' Taweepasas-

Art Direction

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Nancy Terryn

Set Decoration

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Steve Dutton-

Costume Design

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Gautami Tadimalla

Makeup Department

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Gage HubbardMakeup Artist
Ralis KahnMakeup Department Head
Ralis KahnSpecial Makeup Effects Artist
Melody B. MontielAssistant Makeup Artist

Production Management

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Dan CampbellProduction Manager @ Michigan
Julie MajeskiProduction Manager @ NYC
S. MoorthyExecutive In Charge of Production
Kirit SahgalProduction Manager @ Mumbai

Secondary Directors

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Azad AlamThird Assistant Director
IkeSecond Assistant Director
C.S. KarthikeyanThird Assistant Director
Erin KrajewskiThird Assistant Director
KrishnaThird Assistant Director
P. Praveen KumarThird Assistant Director
MohammediFirst Assistant Director
Rajesh M. SelvaSecond Second Assistant Director
Jude S. WalkoFirst Assistant Director
Lee WhittakerSecond Unit Director @ Mumbai

Art Department

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Shelly NewmanProperty Master
Trevor PostProperty Master
Mihir ShahGraphic Designer

Sound Department

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Marti D. HumphreySound Re-recording Mixer
Chris M. JacobsonSound Editor
Chris M. JacobsonSound Re-recording Mixer
Anand KrishnamoorthiSound Editor
Tom MarksAdditional Sound Re-recording Mixer
Zach MetzlerBoom Operator
Kunal RajanSound Designer

Special Effects

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Kevin ChisnallSpecial Effects Coordinator
Matthew StrattonSpecial Effects Technician

Visual Effects

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AbhinandCompositor @ Geminifx
Saviaram AdhavCompositor @ Red Chillies VFX
Prashant AgrawalVisual Effects Coordinator @ Red Chillies VFX
AkhileshSenior Compositor @ Geminifx
Sharafudheen AliCompositor @ Geminfx
Mohammed Altaf2D Team Lead @ Pixion, Chennai
Dwivedi AmitCompositor @ Alien Sense
AnandPaint Artist @ EFX Magic
AnandanRoto Artist @ EFX Magic
AnnamalaiPaint Artist @ EFX Magic
Arun3D Tracking Artist @ Jupiter Animation Studios
ArvindMatch Move Artist @ Jupiter Animation Studios
AshwinCompositor @ Alien Sense
Supriya AvateCompositing Lead @ Red Chillies VFX
Benatic BabuCompositor @ Geminifx
Ramesh BabuCompositor @ Pixion, Chennai
Milind BadgujarJunior Modeler @ Red Chillies VFX
Gaurav BaghelCompositor @ Alien Sense
Ankush BarmanDigital Compositor @ Red Chillies VFX
BaskarDigital Compositor @ EFX Magic
Magda Bernal3D Scan Coordinator @ Gentle Giant Studios
Asmita BharratiVisual Effects Producer
Ashish BhaskarCompositor @ Alien Sense
Jaykumar BhaskaranSenior Compositor @ Red Chillies VFX
Rohan BhingardeSenior Effects Artist @ Red Chillies VFX
Gaurav BhiraJunior Compositor @ Red Chillies VFX
BhojarajanRoto Artist @ EFX Magic
Vikram BhorawatCompositor @ Alien Sense
BoopathiCG Artist @ EFX Magic
Neal Bradshaw3D Scan Technician @ Gentle Giant Studios
Steve Casa3D Scan Technician @ Gentle Giant Studios
Jyotirmoy ChakrabortyTexturing Artist @ Red Chillies VFX
Shino ChandyCompositor @ Geminifx
Devrishi ChatterjeeLead Compositor @ Pixelmasala
Dheeraj ChaudharyCompositor @ Red Chillies VFX
Vishal ChauhanCompositor @ Red Chillies VFX
Priyank ChaurasiaCompositing Lead @ Red Chillies VFX
Jyotiprasad ChavanBackground Prep Roto Artist @ Red Chillies VFX
Obli ChendrayanPaint Artist @ EFX Magic
ChitambaramPaint Artist @ EFX Magic
Rajaraja CholanCompositor @ Jupiter Animation Studios
Ashoke ChowdaryVisual Effects Supervisor @ Art O Fx
Kishor DaphalBackground Prep Roto Artist @ Red Chillies VFX
DayalanPaint Artist @ EFX Magic
Vibhuti DesaiCompositor @ Red Chillies VFX
Kapil DevPaint And Roto Artist @ Geminifx
Sanal DevCG Artist @ EFX Magic
Chakradhar DharanipathyVisual Effects Production Assistant
Dinesh3D Tracking Artist @ Jupiter Animation Studios
Eran DolevMotion Control Operator
DoraisamyPaint And Roto Artist @ Geminifx
DurairajPaint Artist @ EFX Magic
V.S. ElangovanVisual Effects Supervisor @ Jupiter Animation Studios
ElanthirayanDigital Matte Paint @ EFX Magic
EzhilkumarCG Artist @ Geminifx
Amin FattehSenior Compositor @ Red Chillies VFX
Llewellyn FernandezSenior Effects Artist @ Red Chillies VFX
Rubens FredrickSenior Effects Artist @ Red Chillies VFX
Namrata GajareJunior Compositor @ Red Chillies VFX
GajendiranCG Artist @ EFX Magic
GaneshCG Artist @ EFX Magic
Shruti GhamRoto & Compositing Artist @ Intermezzo Studios
GopalsamyCompositor @ Pixion, Chennai
GopinathPaint And Roto Artist @ Geminifx
GunasekaranDigital Matte Paint @ EFX Magic
Arijit GuptaCG Atist @ Art O Fx
GurumoorthyDigital Matte Paint @ EFX Magic
Puran GurungVisual Effects Supervisor @ Red Chillies
HarisPaint And Roto Artist @ Geminifx
Obaid HarisLead Modeler @ Red Chillies VFX
HemadhriDigital Compositor @ EFX Magic
Haresh HingoraniSenior Visual Effects Supervisor @ Red Chillies
Shilpa HingoraniCompositing Lead @ Red Chillies VFX
Donald Jose JacobSenior Compositor @ Geminifx
Surabhi JainJunior Compositor @ Red Chillies VFX
Jeril JosephPaint And Roto Artist @ Geminifx
Tinumon JosephCompositor @ Geminifx
KalaiarasanCG Artist @ Geminifx
Ketki KaleJunior Compositor @ Red Chillies VFX
Sandeep KamalCompositing Supervisor @ Intermezzo Studios
Manoj KambleLighting Artist @ Red Chillies VFX
Anand KambliLead Rigging Artist @ Red Chillies VFX
KameeshwaranCompositor @ Jupiter Animation Studios
KannanPaint And Roto Artist @ Geminifx
KarthikCompositor @ Geminifx
Arun KarthikCompositor @ Alien Sense
KarthikeyanPaint Artist @ EFX Magic
Ramesh KarthikeyanVisual Effects Supervisor @ GeminiFx
KarthikeyenPaint Artist @ EFX Magic
Prateeti KhareVisual Effects Production Assistant @ Pixion, Chennai
Villavan KothalMatte Paint Lead @ EFX Magic
Hemant KulshresthaRoto & Compositing Artist @ Intermezzo Studios
Arun KumarCompositor @ Geminifx
Hima KumarVisual Effects Executive Producer @ EFX Magic
Magesh KumarPaint Artist @ EFX Magic
Nanda KumarCG Artist @ EFX Magic
Praveen KumarPaint And Roto Artist @ Geminifx
Ratheesh KumarSenior Compositor @ Geminfx
Satish KumarCG Artist @ Pixion, Chennai
Selva Kumar2D Supervisor @ Pixion, Chennai
Senthil KumarCG Artist @ EFX Magic
Srinivas KumarCG Artist @ Pixion, Chennai
Vasant KumarTexturing Artist @ Art O Fx
KumaranCompositor @ Jupiter Animation Studios
LakshmanakumarCompositor @ Pixion, Chennai
Shantha LakshmiProduction Coordinator @ EFX Magic
Akshay LanjewarJunior Modeler @ Red Chillies VFX
LavakumarVisual Effects Production Assistant
LoganathanSenior Compositor @ Geminifx
LograjCompositor @ Pixion, Chennai
LokeshwariCG Artist @ EFX Magic
Dave MacomberPre-visualization Artist
MadanagopalCompositor @ Jupiter Animation Studios
MadheshCG Artist @ EFX Magic
MagendranDigital Compositor @ EFX Magic
Vinayak MahadikRigging Artist @ Red Chillies VFX
Manoj MakhijaSenior Compositor @ Red Chillies VFX
Kalpesh MaliCompositor @ Red Chillies VFX
Suhas ManeJunior Compositor @ Red Chillies VFX
Martin ManiPaint And Roto Artist @ Geminifx
Rajesh ManikandanCG Artist @ EFX Magic
ManimaranRoto Lead @ EFX Magic
MathiPaint Artist @ EFX Magic
Vinay MatkariRoto & Compositing Artist @ Intermezzo Studios
Himanshu MeenaMatchmove Artist @ Red Chillies VFX
Ashay MeherSenior Compositor @ Red Chillies VFX
Jay MehtaJunior Compositors @ Red Chillies VFX
Awaneesh MishraCompositing Lead @ Red Chillies VFX
Ashrusmita MohantyCompositor @ Alien Sense
Roshan MokalJunior Compositor @ Red Chillies VFX
Rohan MoreTexturing Artist @ Red Chillies VFX
Achal MuchhalaCompositor @ Pixelmasala
Thiyagarajan MudaliyarRoto & Compositing Artist @ Intermezzo Studios
Kapilraj MudliyarRoto & Compositing Artist @ Intermezzo Studios
MugilanPaint Artist @ EFX Magic
Himesh NagdaVisual Effects Coordinator @ Red Chillies VFX
Jitu NaikCompositor @ Alien Sense
Abhilash NandaDigital Effects Supervisor @ Alien Sense
Jayaprakash NarayananDigital Matte Paint @ EFX Magic
OmkarDigital Compositor @ EFX Magic
Kunjan OzaSmoke Artist
Akash PakhiddeCompositor @ Red Chillies VFX
Rohan PanchalVisual Effects Artist @ Art O Fx
Azhagu Raj PandianCG Artist @ Pixion, Chennai
Raja PandianCG Artist @ EFX Magic
Vishal ParmarSenior Compositor @ Red Chillies VFX
Parag PatelMatch Move Artist @ Alien Sense
Viral PatelVisual Effects Coordinator @ Red Chillies VFX
Hitesh PathareCompositor @ Red Chillies VFX
Nutan PatkarJunior Compositor @ Red Chillies VFX
Indrajit PaulCompositor @ Art O Fx
Kapil PrajapatiCompositor @ Alien Sense
PrakashCompositor @ Pixion, Chennai
PrasantCG Artist @ Geminifx
PreneeshSenior Compositor @ Geminifx
PurushothamanCG Supervisor @ Pixion, Chennai
Subheesh RaamanathanVisual Effects Producer @ Jupiter Animation Studios
Abdul RafeekCompositor @ Geminifx
RajaRoto Artist @ EFX Magic
Deva RajanRoto Artist @ EFX Magic
RajkumarPaint Artist @ EFX Magic
RamanathanSales Manager @ Pixion, Chennai
RamasubramanianCG Artist @ EFX Magic
RameshCG Artist @ EFX Magic
RanjithCG Artist @ Geminifx
RanjithSenior Compositor @ Geminifx
Varsha RanuJunior Compositor @ Red Chillies VFX
Akshath RaoSenior Compositor @ Geminifx
Shrivardhan RaoLighting Artist @ Red Chillies VFX
Niranjan RathIT Support @ Alien Sense
Sriranjan RathDigital Effects Supervisor @ Alien Sense
Ravi3D Tracking Artist @ Jupiter Animation Studios
Gauri RazdanLighting Artist @ Red Chillies VFX
RethinakumarDigital Compositor @ EFX Magic
Akshay SachdevaCompositor @ Pixelmasala
Prasanth SadaphuleCG Lead @ Art O Fx
SadarudheenCompositor @ Geminifx
SamuelCG Modeler @ Jupiter Animation Studios
Narayana SamyPaint Artist @ EFX Magic
Ashwini SandeCompositor @ Alien Sense
Kalyana SandeepVisual Effects Production Assistant @ Pixion, Chennai
SankarRoto Paint Artist @ EFX Magic
Navin SaranSenior Line Producer @ Red Chillies VFX
SaravanakumarCG Artist @ EFX Magic
SaravananPaint Artist @ EFX Magic
Jinesh SasidharanPaint And Roto Artist @ Geminifx
Sateesh2D Supervisor @ EFX Magic
SatheeshDigital Matte Paint @ EFX Magic
Arul SatishSenior Compositor @ Geminifx
Nishant SawantBackground Prep Roto Artist @ Red Chillies VFX
Vikas SawlaniMotion Graphics
Vikas SawlaniTitles
Navin SelvaRoto Artist @ EFX Magic
Sentamil SelvanDigital Effects Supervisor @ Geminifx
SelvarasuRoto Artist @ EFX Magic
Joydip SenCompositor @ Art O Fx
SeshathriMatch Move Artist @ Jupiter Animation Studios
Amir ShahinshaProduction Manager @ Red Chillies VFX
Hussain ShaikhCompositor @ Red Chillies VFX
Manu ShankarPaint And Roto Artist @ Geminifx
Anandh ShankerVisual Effects Production Assistant
ShanmugamCG Artist @ EFX Magic
Shelly SharmaVisual Effects Production Assistant @ Alien Sense
Emad SheikhJunior Compositor @ Red Chillies VFX
ShellyCompositor @ Alien Sense
Dilish ShettySenior Compositor @ Red Chillies VFX
Manohar ShettyLighting Artist @ Red Chillies VFX
Sagar ShindeCompositor @ Alien Sense
Aarti ShuklaJunior Compositor @ Red Chillies VFX
SilambarasanCompositor @ Jupiter Animation Studios
Rohan SilimkarCompositor @ Red Chillies VFX
Abhay SinghTexturing Artist @ Red Chillies VFX
SitharthanPaint Artist @ EFX Magic
SivarajPaint Artist @ EFX Magic
SivileshCG Artist @ Geminifx
Vivek SoniVisual Effects Coordinator @ Red Chillies VFX
Satish Kanta SorensangbamCG Lead @ Red Chillies VFX
SrinivasanPaint Artist @ EFX Magic
Sanchit SrivatsavaCompositor @ Alien Sense
SudanMatch Move Artist @ Jupiter Animation Studios
Madhu SudhananSenior Visual Effects Supervisor
Soochack SukhadiaRoto & Compositing Artist @ Intermezzo Studios
Soochack SukhadiaVisual Effects Artist
SumithPaint And Roto Artist @ Geminifx
SundarDigital Compositor @ EFX Magic
Mohana SundaramCompositor @ Pixion, Chennai
SundaravelPaint Artist @ EFX Magic
Brian SunderlinVice President Digital @ Gentle Giant Studios
SupaniDigital Compositor @ EFX Magic
SureshDigital Compositor @ EFX Magic
Harihara SuthanVisual Effects Supervisor @ Pixion, Chennai Team
Anjali SwadhaJunior Compositor @ Red Chillies VFX
Yash Vinod TalwarVisual Effects Producer @ Intermezzo Studios
Devendra ThakurSenior Compositor @ Red Chillies VFX
TharaniCG Artist @ EFX Magic
ThilakCompositor @ Pixion, Chennai
Linto ThomasPaint And Roto Artist @ Geminifx
Shreedhar ToleIT Support @ Alien Sense
Abhishek TomarTechnical Head @ Red Chillies
Ashwin UllalMatch Move Artist @ Alien Sense
VadivelSenior Compositor @ Geminifx
VeerapandianPaint Artist @ EFX Magic
VenkatesanLine Producer @ Jupiter Animation Studios
VenkateshCompositor @ Pixion, Chennai
VenkateshProject Lead @ EFX Magic
VenkateswarluRoto Artist @ EFX Magic
VinodCompositor @ Alien Sense
VinothCG Modeler @ Jupiter Animation Studios
VinothkumarCompositor @ Pixion, Chennai
VishnuCompositor @ Pixion, Chennai
ViswalingamMatte Paint Artist @ Pixion, Chennai
VivekanandanRoto Artist @ EFX Magic
VizagPaint And Roto Artist @ Geminifx
Anand VoraCompositor @ Red Chillies VFX
Keitan YadavVisual Effects Producer @ Red Chillies
Vinoth YadhavCG Artist @ EFX Magic
ZainCompositor @ Alien Sense
Francis ZaviourDigital Matte Paint @ EFX Magic


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Steven DuttonStunt Driver
Parvez KhanStunts
Shelly NewmanStunt Driver
Lee WhittakerAction Director
Lee WhittakerStunt Coordinator

Camera & Electrical Department

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Brett BeimersKey Grip
Arnie BruinsmaElectrician
Chandler ForbesElectrician
David Joshua FordStill Photographer
Robert B. HenningJib Operator
Dan IrvingStill Photographer
David LowingGaffer
Matthew LowingBest Boy Electric
Casey McClurkenBest Boy Electric
Jeff MelansonSteadicam Operator
Jeffrey MorganJib Operator
Matt RyanBest Boy Grip
Sony SasankanDigital Image Technician
Louie SchaeferElectrician
Jonathan SessionsGrip

Casting Department

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Kiernan McCaffreyCasting Associate

Costume & Wardrobe Department

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Preethi KanthanAssistant Costume Designer

Editorial Department

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Amit HasijaOn-line Smoke Editor
Amit HegdeOn-line Smoke Editor
John JosephAssistant Editor
Ajay KuyiloorAssistant Editor
Sony SasankanAssociate Editor
T.S. SureshSubtitling Editor

Music Department

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Javed AkhtarLyricist
Asif Ali BegLyricist
Nikhil D'SouzaPlayback Singer
Benny DayalPlayback Singer
Kamal HassanLyricist
Kamal HassanPlayback Singer
Suraj JaganPlayback Singer
Shankar MahadevanPlayback Singer
Shane MendonsaPlayback Singer

Transportation Department

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Mark BolhuisTransportation Captain
Steve DuttonPicture Car Coordinator
Joe HunterDriver @ RV
Chad MillerDriver
Mark Edmond NortonTransportation Coordinator

Other Crew

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Nabeel AbbasPublicity Designer
Azad AlamDialogue Assistant @ Hindi
Ben BarkerProduction Assistant
Brendan BradleyProduction Assistant
Steve CarleyProduction Assistant (Specific Segments)
Blaine ChouKey Production Assistant
Brandon T. DavidProduction Coordinator
Robert 'Sharkbait' JenkinsProduction Assistant
Kathryn KretschmanProduction Accountant
Ace MarreroAdr Loop Group
Alejandro MarulandaProduction Assistant
Piotr MichaelVoice Actor
Mitchell NybergLocation Manager
Angel Martinez ParedesProduction Assistant
Jose Mas PerezLocation Intern
Mathivanan RajendranVoice Actor
Rajesh M. SelvaScript Supervisor
Edward A. Sherman IVAssistant Location Manager
Nam TranProduction Intern
Joshua WilliamsProduction Assistant
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