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Home Movies Bollywood The Coal Mafiaa

The Coal Mafiaa

CBFC Rating: U/A

Plot Summary

'The Coal Mafiaa' is based upon a real life story centered at Jharia of Dhanbad district in the state of Jharkhand, where coal thugs Rajdev Singh (Mukesh Tiwari) and Zabbar Khan (Yashpal Sharma) are literally ruling the city. Both police and politicians have been turned as their mere puppets and slaves. If people raise their voices against this injustice, the mafia use torture and kill those people to maintain their reign of terror. Nobody has the courage to come in between their ways. Everyone leads a life of misery and subjugation. S.P. Sinha (Mukesh Khanna) is an honest and brave police official, who takes up the task to end these crimes and to put the coal mafia behind bars. He tries to do everything humanly possible to clean up the mafia rule from the city but is shot because of a mafia conspiracy. That is when the brave and young man SHIVA (Ankit Nigotiya) comes and saves the cop's life. Shiva is an educated boy from Jharia, and is one of the victims of the coal mafia: His father (Avtar Gill), who was a coal cutter, loses his arms during a blast in the coal mine caused by the mafia. Shiva is emotionally hurt by this incident and joins the police with the intention to teach Rajdev Singh and Zabbar Khan a lesson they would remember, and in this he is helped by the second S.P. Rathore (Durjan Singh). To know whether Shiva succeeds in his mission or not, watch 'The Coal Mafiaa' - a movie exploding with romance, emotions, drama and thrills...

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