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Home Movies Bollywood Mr. Bhatti On Chutti

Mr. Bhatti On Chutti

CBFC Rating: U/A

Plot Summary

Mr Bhatti is a delusional character who wins a trip to the Lake District out of the blue, he comes over, with a group of Indian tourists visiting the Lake District. Bhatti is under the impression that he has been called over by George W.Bush, for supposed peace talks being the delusional man he is. But its not just the scenery and the possible meeting with Bush, which attracts Bhattis interest. Alice an English girl also catches his eye. Alice has spent six months in India and is into meditation, bhajans and yoga. Perfect! But although Bhatti is immediately fascinated with Alice, so too is Prem, an eligible bachelor, also travelling with the group.

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Mr. Bhatti On Chutti Box Office Collection Summary

  Domestic Gross (India) (% Share) Rs. 1.27 Lakhs (100%)
+ Overseas Gross (Foreign) (% Share) Not Yet Available
= Total Worldwide Gross Rs. 1.27 Lakhs (100%)

Data as of 05/24/12 1:00 PM GMT

Studios get on average 55 percent share of the total gross.

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