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Home Videos Bollywood Hot News Abhishek Bachchan Gets Angry On Aamir Khan At Dhoom 3 Event!!
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Dhoom 3 music launch had Aamir Khan and Katrina Kaif in the forefront, but Abhishek Bachchan was not seen anywhere. And when he was questioned about his absence he revealed a shocking fact that he was not informed about the launch. According to sources Abhishek is quite miffed with Aditya Chopra and Yash Raj for sidelining him from the launch and only projecting Katrina and Aamir Khan as the USP of Dhoom3. Sources also reveal Junior Bachchan is upset with Aamir Khan stealing away all limelight from other Dhoom stars. But Aamir Khan clarifies that it is not so all the stars are given equal importance in Dhoom 3. -- Published on December 14, 2013

Abhishek Bachchan Gets Angry On Aamir Khan At Dhoom 3 Event!!

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