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Home Photos Tollywood 'Chandee' Movie Trailer Launch #20 of 60

Priyamani’s female centric film ‘Chandi’ is directed by V Samudra and produced by Dr Sreenu Babu on Omix Creations banner. Krishnam Raju played an important role in the film. Teaser of the film was released in Hyderabad on the eve of Priyamani’s birthday on June 4th.

Director V Samudra said, “My producers have cooperated with me and produced the film richly without compromising on anything. Shankar, who worked as an assistant to Mani Sharma in the past has provided music for this film. We are very happy to note that Krishnam Raju is part of our film. Priyamani is just not a great artist but also a great human being. She would complete any shot in a single take. Shots on her were on par with big heroes. But she did a superb job.”

Priyamani said, “I’m very happy and satisfied after watching the trailer on the big screen. For the first time I’ve played a hardcore action film. I played the role of Krishnam Raju’s daughter. It was a wonderful experience working with him. This is not a normal story but a different one. Samudra garu extracted a good performance from me.”

Krishnam Raju said, “Producers are the main heroes for this film because they have come forward to do a lady oriented film at the time when no one dares to do that act. I’m very impressed with the teaser. Samudra carved the film extremely well.”

GV, Dragon Prakash, Babji, SR Shankar, Nandu, Satya and others also spoke at the event.Updated June 6, 2013

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